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How to overcome stress in a New Jersey divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | Divorce

Most New Jersey residents who have divorced would agree that the process is not easy. In fact, in many situations, such as those that involve children, stress levels may soar as each issue is discussed with the hope of achieving a fair and satisfactory agreement. Divorce can be an emotionally exhausting experience; however, there are several ways to deal with such stress as one moves toward a new lifestyle.

Physical health definitely has an impact on emotional health, and vice versa. Studies show physical exercise can help relieve stress. Even if traditional forms of exercise do not suit a particular person’s preference, simply being physically active (rather than becoming sedentary and dwelling on one’s problems) can boost energy levels and promote good physical and emotional health.

It is said that a person can never control another person’s actions but can control his or her reaction to the actions. In short, while some issues may be out of someone’s control in divorce (such as the court’s final decision in a custody battle, for instance) there are usually numerous issues that can be controlled, such as refusing to argue with an ex or getting rid of items that spark negative emotions, such as photographs or jewelry that was a gift from a spouse. Learning to be proactive in one’s own healing and to let go of things beyond one’s control are key factors in keeping stress low in divorce.

Emotions are a natural part of life. It helps deal with stress if someone going through divorce allows him or herself to feel whatever he or she is feeling in a given moment, such as anger, sorrow, loneliness or frustration. If someone feels ill-equipped to process his or her emotions, there are resources available in most New Jersey communities that provide support. If problems are being caused by legal issues, discussing the situation with an experienced family law attorney may also help alleviate stress.


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