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Who should opt out of joint custody?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Child Custody

Joint custody serves as a good option for many families going through divorce. Numerous studies showcase the various benefits.

However, even the best custody options do not suit every single family’s unique needs. Who are the families who should opt for something else?

Parents who live at a distance

Though the National Library of Medicine discusses numerous benefits associated with joint custody, it does not apply to every couple. This is because joint custody makes several assumptions about the couple, which is not true for everyone.

For example, couples that choose joint custody must live within a reasonable distance of one another. Though this is possible for many, some families do not have this opportunity. One parent may spend time serving in the military, or they may face incarceration.

In other cases, one of the parents may have to move away to care for a sick or aging relative. It is impossible to say whether both parents will have the ability to stay in visiting distance of one another for the entire duration of parenting their child.

Unfit parents

Another assumption joint custody makes is that both parents have a desire to remain present in their child’s life. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Some parents do wish to leave or want nothing to do with their previous family after a divorce.

In other cases, one parent may not be suitable to spend time around their child. Such is the case if one parent faces accusations of neglect or abuse.

In any of these instances, it is best to opt for another form of custody. Joint custody may become an option later.


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