Colleagues, Not Adversaries In Collaborative Divorce

If you are resolving your divorce through collaborative law, you will still retain a lawyer, but you will not go to court. Furthermore, your lawyers do not serve as adversaries, but rather colleagues helping move you toward the goal of resolving your divorce with as little damage to your family and your finances as possible.

Attorney Melissa Cipriano, is a member of the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group.

Working Together Toward A Mutual Goal

Even the physical setup of collaborative law reflects this attitude. Rather than face off against each other, spouses sit next to each other at the table. Across from them sit their attorneys, who are also sitting next to each other. Attorneys, appraisers, psychologists and others who may be assisting with various aspects of the divorce are all retained jointly. Throughout the collaborative law process, we treat the divorcing couple as a family instead of warring factions.

This can be particularly helpful for couples who have children and will still need to interact with each other after the divorce. Rather than wait indefinitely for your case to go before an overburdened judge who may not have had time to read all of your papers, collaborative law allows for a comprehensive, evenhanded approach on your own schedule. Keeping costs down and emotions in control is a major benefit that can limit conflict in the future.

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