Nonmarried Parents’ Rights In New Jersey

Children should not suffer as a result of the decisions of their parents. Marital status aside, both parents will still be required to determine a child support and custody agreement. An experienced attorney can help you navigate these issues, so you can ensure that your child is obtaining the best care possible. The lawyers at Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., have decades of experience working with a variety of nonmarried couples as they seek to work through their custody and support issues. Child support is intended to give a child the financial means necessary to live a healthy childhood that is full of opportunity. Child custody, or parenting time, allows the child to develop a strong relationship with both parents as he or she develops into a successful adult. This may come in the form of either shared parenting or joint custody.

Looking Out For The Child’s Best Interests

Any decisions that are made regarding child support or custody are always made on behalf of the child’s best interests. We are wholly committed to this ideal. While we understand the complexity of relationships between two parents, we also respect the needs of their child. We will help you understand what steps must be taken to give your child the resources and parenting schedule time that he or she deserves. At Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., we take a team approach when working with our clients. We understand that each family dynamic is different, and we customize our services to meet your unique needs. We strive to help our clients obtain an outcome in an efficient manner. Your life should be spent caring for and growing with your children, not in a courtroom.

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